Looked at Several Apartments in Austin Texas Before Finding One

Finding One

I was going to need to relocate because of my job and I needed to find somewhere to live. I didn’t want to buy a home just yet and wanted to find an apartment. I started searching around for apartments in Austin Texas for rent.

Since I didn’t live there and didn’t know anyone that did, I didn’t have any good sources to ask about apartments there. I went online and typed in apartments for rent in Austin Texas. I found a website that had a good bit of apartments to rent and I was able to see what they would cost. Many of these rentals also had lots of pictures of the inside and outside of the apartments.

I looked over them and the prices and contacted a few of the landlords. Of course, I wanted to see these apartments in person so I made arrangements to meet up with them on the weekend. I was only about an hour away and decided to make the trip to look at these before getting into a lease agreement. The last thing I wanted was to live somewhere that I didn’t like for an entire year.

I met up with the landlords that weekend and looked at several apartments so I could find the best one for me. I went through all of them and paid attention to the exterior and the other people that lived there. After going around and looking at all of them, I decided which apartment would be best for me and closest to where I worked. I let the landlord know so I could get everything set up.

I started my new job in a few weeks and got everything set up to get moved in. I had a few of my friends that were able to help me get moved and I got a U Haul to move some of my larger items. The move went well and now all of my friends knew where I would be living. This city was bigger than where we lived before and they wanted to come back and spend the weekend once I got settled in. There are lots of things to do in Austin, Texas and I’m happy I took the job here and moved. I know there are more opportunities here than I had in my old town.

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